An attic in the design district? When Milan looks like New York

Attics in Milan? Among the many housing types, in high demand are the attics for sale in Milan. Especially in the design district areas of Brera, which out of all the areas that resemble the Village in New York, this one takes the cake. In fact, it is in this neighborhood that attics allow exclusive views of the ever-changing sky line.

Brera the first Italian design district

This neighborhood represents the most charming and fascinating soul of Milan’s historic center. Streets that serve as the backdrop for art galleries and design showrooms that manifest a creative ferment and willingness to experiment that have achieved international visibility over the years.

A chic and quiet neighborhood, suitable for young people, couples and families.
Here art, culture and shopping come together and one is attracted by the presence of historic stores that live and keep up Milan’s commercial tradition.

Brera is undoubtedly one of the best neighborhoods in the city, a very large area with an important concentration of period buildings, places have made history and unexpected green corners. In a growing urban beauty and harmony that justifies the prestige and very high real estate value of the neighborhood.

For the past few years, the creative ferment that characterizes the area has given rise to the Brera Design District project, the first and most important design promotion district in Italy.

Attics in Milan. What is it like to live in Brera?

Those who live in Brera appreciate not only its centrality and the convenience of the services that are at their fingertips, but also the beautiful combination of the historic architectural setting and the innovative, modern allure. The neighborhood is well served by all public transportation.

Attics for sale in Milan, reasons to choose Brera

The famous neighborhood, enjoys the presence of valuable historic properties, in which it is possible to live having a taste of the Milan of the past. In fact, the Brera area, having been spared the bombings of World War II, has retained its timeless charm and the properties have retained their old-fashioned style.

Pedestrian alleys and hidden vistas make the neighborhood one of the most desirable places to live. Choosing a housing solution such as an attic in Brera will, moreover, give the opportunity to catch a glimpse of historical monuments but also of the city skyline, offering a context that brings the city of the madonnina ever closer to the spectacular and exciting modern views of large cities such as New York.

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Attic rooms in Milan: choose from the leading areas of Milanese design

The “Historic” areas of Milanese Design in addition to Brera are Tortona, Porta Venezia and the Isola District.


The Tortona district shifted slightly from the center of the city, has been the focus of urban redevelopment that has led it to shine and be the protagonist of the events off the Salone del Mobile, here you can find well-known artisan boutiques, fashion and design stores and the chicest places for happy hours.

The neighborhood is experienced by artists, creatives and designers. In this area nestled between the Naviglio Grande, Via Solari, Sant’Agostino and Porta Genova, you can find housing solutions for all tastes, you can in fact choose to buy a Milan luxury real estate Among the different types of solutions the area offers, here are the characteristic railing houses as well as modern houses.

Choosing an attic for sale in Milan in the Tortona area will allow you to fully enjoy the city’s nightlife, the countless initiatives that bring the area to be very busy. Living in the area and choosing an attic or penthouse as your living solution will also allow you to enjoy the beautiful landscapes from above that open the view to landscapes among rooftops, spires and modern buildings of inestimable beauty.

Venice Gate

Porta Venezia, the charm of an elegant and luxurious neighborhood. This area of Milan, has a long and fascinating history behind it. The Art Nouveau buildings that populate it made the neighborhood a place lived in by the upper middle class of all times.

Its central location makes it enjoy all major public transportation links as well as the presence of all basic necessities, boutiques, stores, and services of all kinds.

Choosing this area to purchase a penthouse or attic in Milan is a guarantee of a safe investment.


The Isola District, an example of urban reclassification.

Isola, a historic and popular neighborhood, owes its name to the fact that in the past it was isolated from the rest of the city by the railroad. In recent times, the area has been greatly revalued, and more and more buyers are deciding to live in Isola.

The Island enjoys excellent connections with all means of transportation, proximity to the Garibaldi Railway Station, an important railway junction in the city, the presence of several neighborhood stores and countless clubs that allow for a multifaceted range of multicultural proposals for spending evenings with friends. Here there are historic buildings alternating with modern structures of prestige and luxury such as the well-known Bosco Verticale.

Deciding to buy an attic for sale in Milan in this area will prove to be an excellent investment to fully enjoy life in a lively and fascinating area which allows you to see very well the ever-changing sky line of Milan.

The choice becomes easier if you rely on good professionals

We told you about the neighborhoods in which you can fully experience the fast-paced pace of the city, places that are protagonists of history and fascinating. In them, well-known events with an international character are repeated every year, dressing them in innovation and design. Areas where throughout the year there is no shortage of attractions and all the useful services to make the most of everyday life.

If you have identified among them the most suitable neighborhood for your next purchase, we recommend that you turn to the professionals at House&Loft.

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They will know how to propose the housing solution that fully meets the needs of your search and will take care of the complete management of the deal until its conclusion, so that you can experience this moment with minimal stress.


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