Attics in Rome. What to consider in buying and selling

Attics in Rome. The real estate market in Rome is in constant turmoil, very coveted are housing solutions such as penthouses and attics, but before closing the deal and good to delve into some aspects of each of these types of housing.

Penthouses or attics in Rome: the differences

These are two housing types both located on the top floor of the dwellings.
The penthouse constitutes for all intents and purposes habitable housing. It often does not have high interior square footage and is usually very bright due to the presence of windows, enhanced by large outdoor spaces and terraces that bring great economic value to this type of apartment. In the past, only prestigious buildings had penthouses, and since the 1970s, this type of housing has been so successful that super-attics, built on top of existing ones, have been devised.
The characteristics of the penthouse, make it among the most expensive housing solutions in the real estate market especially if placed in the center of large cities, from these in fact, you can enjoy a special and sought-after view.

Definition of attic

The attic, on the other hand, is a room created in the attic, whose actual living space is usually small in size because of the perimeter walls that follow the slope of the roof itself.
It usually consists of a taller central part that gradually decreases as it approaches toward the perimeter walls. Very important when you want to live in an attic is to consider choosing a consonant furniture that allows you to make the most of the room, so you have to lean toward low and horizontal shelves at the expense of traditional large cabinets that almost touch the ceiling.
This will make the room seem less stuffy, and there will be great circulation of light and air.
Among the advantages of choosing an attic room is that of being able to enjoy an intimate and quiet environment, enhanced by details such as exposed beams that make it truly unique. In fact, in this kind of dwelling, romance reigns supreme, especially in the evening, by turning off the lights one can enjoy the beauty of a starry sky or depending on the arrangement of the windows, an exclusive view of the city.

How to identify the type of solution that is best for you?

Let’s assume that if you are monitoring ads regarding the houses for sale in Rome And you’re researching further about attics for sale in Rome, you’re clear in your mind, because you’ve certainly figured out what kind of housing is right for you, but what do you need to consider in buying and selling?
Don’t be caught unprepared, read on to understand how to handle the steps of buying and selling

Attics in Rome: how to conduct a real estate negotiation?

On occasions such as a home purchase, it is necessary to negotiate the purchase, that is, to reach an agreement with the seller about the final price. One of the areas where negotiation and counteroffer are most prevalent is real estate, complicit in this are prices that find it difficult for the seller and buyer to agree. Negotiation is an integral part of the buying and selling phase, generally consisting of a back-and-forth of offers and counteroffers, aims to reach a sale/purchase price that represents an agreement between the parties.

In any case, one should keep in mind that if one is really interested in the house for sale it is advisable and advisable not to pull the rope too far, it could break and the deal would be inexorably compromised.
When dealing with the purchase of prestige properties in large cities (and the search for attics in Rome is no exception), one definitely considers spending medium-high sums.
The city’s market is rich in many prestigious properties so the negotiation phase during buying and selling should not be overlooked.

Penthouses and attics in Rome, where to buy?

Let’s start from the premise that Rome is certainly one of the most beautiful cities in the World, and owning a home here represents a real privilege as well as having no small economic value. When you decide to buy a housing solution in a very large city like this, you immediately come to terms with choosing the most appropriate area in which to do the deal.

The most beautiful neighborhoods in the capital in which to buy a prestigious property

In the list of the most luxurious and in-demand neighborhoods, the Old Town ranks first.
This area includes: Campo de’ Fiori, Piazza di Spagna, Piazza Navona and Barberini.
This is a large area, perfect for those who want to eliminate the hassle of transportation and experience an area where there is no shortage of shopping, dining and cultural activities on offer; here you have everything at your fingertips and within walking distance from home. The only disadvantage is that on streets where there is a high concentration of restaurants and pubs, it is hard to get a good night’s sleep.

If you prefer something quieter to the chaos of the historic center, you should direct your search toward residential areas such as Monteverde or Parioli. These neighborhoods, enjoy on par with downtown, the presence of all the basic services that families need and are nestled in the green, among the proposed houses for sale In these areas in addition to penthouses and attics, there are often villas And very interesting independent solutions.
Neighborhoods also worth considering are the extremes of the city.

North Rome also known as Trieste, is the an upscale area where the homes of famous people and VIPs are concentrated, here there is no shortage of fine establishments as well as easy access to the city center by public transportation.
South Rome, with the famous Garbatella, Portuense and Eur, characteristic areas with a more veracious and popular spirit, here too there are guaranteed public transport connections, the vast offer of all kinds of services as well as the presence of many parks, green lungs of the city.

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