Lofts in Rome. Post-industrial architecture coexists with antiquity

Lofts in Rome. Are there, in the home of classical archaeology, any vestiges of industrial archaeology suitable for conversion into housing? How can they change their essence to become luxury housing?

Lofts, even in Rome, are signs of Industrial Archaeology.
The expression “industrial archaeology,” which originated in the United Kingdom in the late 1950s, consists of the study of industrial societies through the analysis of the material traces that our generation has inherited from the past: machinery, artifacts, manufacturing infrastructure, furniture, factories and workshops.

These materials sometimes become the stars of furniture even today. In fact, it is not uncommon to come across (modern antique) furniture that is inspired by an industrial design or even contains original pieces from the period. Similarly, the so-called vintage: posters, furnishings, and accessories still live in our homes today as evidence of a recent past that has not yet been forgotten.

Containers of these materials, homes, are no exception. Indeed, to identify for residential use vast rooms with often very high ceilings (as factories or craft workshops were in the last century), we borrowed a word from English: loft. Which literally means loft.

Lofts in Rome. What are the best areas to look for them

But are there, in the home of classical archaeology, any vestiges of industrial archaeology suitable for conversion into a dwelling? In fact, in a luxury dwelling?

Unlike other major European metropolises, Rome has not experienced a lasting industrial season. Between the vision of those who considered Rome the bureaucratic-administrative capital of Italy and those who desired its productive development, the former prevailed. And it is the reason why lofts for sale in Rome are not concentrated in former industrial areas.

Almost all the Rome lofts now for sale, not being the inheritance of industrial structures but the transformation of laboratories, workshops and commercial spaces have the characteristic of being scattered throughout the city: from the Old Town at theEsquiline, from the Monti District at Garbatella, every Roman neighborhood in the past needed services to support the everyday life of its inhabitants: the garage, the bar/trattoria, the convenience store, the artisan workshop.
All structures now converted (or potentially convertible) into lofts and openspaces.

Loft Rome center. Change of use is a must.

Unless the loft has already been stacked as a dwelling, however, it is necessary, in order to live there, to change its intended use.

Refer to a later, more comprehensive post what the intended use means and how to vary it. However, we report below some simple considerations to keep in mind: first, it is useful to know that change of use in Rome is always allowed unless:

  1. The condominium bylaws prohibit its change. But this ban is only valid if it is a regulation approved unanimously by the condominiums. If the regulation was approved by any other majority but without unanimity the latter cannot contain restrictions regarding change of use.
  2. the property does not possess certain characteristics required by law (e.g., on sanitation standards or those on air-to-light ratios, i.e., the ratio of window and room surfaces).
  3. the property is not subject to a specific municipal planning prohibition. The instruments where to check whether there is a ban are the Structural Plan and the Town Planning Regulations. Just go to the municipality and by looking up the property within the maps, it will be easy to see what constraints it is subject to and what building work can be done on it.

On this point, change of use, we aim to return as soon as possible with an article devoted to it. In the meantime – for any information regarding a change of use for a loft you are planning to sell (or buy) – you can contact us at the references on this page

For Sale Loft Rome

We now come to the main point of this article. Who among the accredited players in the real estate market can help me sell a loft in Rome? Or who can assist me by identifying the best lofts for sale in Rome?

If your goal is to sell try considering a homestaging business

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This technique includes a series of interventions with the aim of improving the presentation of the property in the eyes of potential buyers. Homestaging allows a property to be made more desirable through staging that enhances it, showing it to the public at its best.

The success of homestaging techniques has been amply demonstrated as, thanks to them, a large number of properties are sold in a short time, often accompanied by positive reviews from buyers.

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If, on the other hand, your goal is to buy, you should be told what we mean by Property Finding

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