Lofts Milan. Post-industrial architecture is at home

Loft Milan. Post-industrial architecture is at home in the city: indeed, it appears–from various market analyses–that buyers are increasingly turning to large former industrial and commercial spaces repurposed for housing. The lofts in short, it’s back in fashion in the city.

Lofts in Milan. A bit of history

Loft is an English word whose meaning is “ceiling, attic” after its heyday in the early 1990s, it had suffered a decline in interest. Today, however, this housing solution is back to dreaming.

Milan has always been known to be the business center of the entire nation. It boasts the title of Italy’s most industrialized city and a pioneer in restructuring industrial environments. Therefore, it is confirmed as an ideal place to find former workshops adapted for housing. Generally in large cities, the areas set up as industrial zones, constituted the hinterland of the urban center suburban areas populated by large buildings devoted to production that today constitute real neighborhoods lived in by families and couples who decide to choose to direct their searches toward the lofts for sale in Milan.

How did the habit of turning an industrial area into an apartment come about?

To answer this question we need to rewind the tape is to go back to the 1970s. In those years, there was an urgent need in the United States to create affordable housing solutions in response to large population growth. A necessity that quickly became a fashion and invaded the Old Continent as well. This was how the phenomenon of rehabilitating former industrial areas ready to accommodate families was initiated. Currently, this transformation is linked to the redevelopment of formerly blighted neighborhoods and responds as much to the desire to repopulate otherwise blighted spaces as it does to savings related to new construction.

Since its inception in 2001, House&Loft has been the protagonist of thousands of real estate transactions of lofts, villas, historic mansions, castles, penthouses and charming apartments in the most renowned Italian and international locations, thanks to a network of professionals operating in the company’s different offices.

Loft Milan: open space and innovative solutions for a modern home

These types of housing solutions give the opportunity to create dream homes to be furnished with innovative and fashionable or classic and traditional furniture, places where you can give space to your imagination. The characteristic feature they have in common are the large windows and very high ceilings, the presence of exposed pipes and scaffolding, and floors and walls with a rough but refined style. The fluidity of the rooms also makes it easy to carve out any service rooms. Buying a loft in Milan and placing your trust in the hands of interior professionals will ensure the creation of an original living space, outside the common canons of home conception.

Lofts and open space what are the differences?

When people talk about lofts and open space, they tend to think that the two terms are synonymous, but in fact they are not.

The loft is an apartment made out of what used to be an industrial or commercial space and is the result of a renovation with the aim of giving these rooms a new use. It often happens to find within lofts furniture and decorative accessories that recall the industrial style and go to enhance the architectural features of these dwellings.

As a living solution, the loft attracts potential buyers of all ages; in fact, it represents a functional and adaptable choice for all needs. In big cities like Milan, many choose this type of fashionable and totally customizable housing, consider themselves really lucky then buyers who manage to find a loft Milan center, combining the beauty of a particular home with the convenience and efficiency that a large city can bring to daily life.

Open space, down with the walls!

Open space groups different rooms in the house into a larger room, the most classic example being the living area, kitchen and living room combined.

Living in an open space loft has significant advantages, first of all, the lack of partition walls in favor of the full and complete exploitation of natural light, which is thus able to illuminate all rooms. Another notable advantage is the ease of furnishing; such a room, in fact, does not force one to make difficult furniture choices and is easily adaptable to different types of decor, enriched as desired by special details and accessories.

How to choose a loft Milan?

To make the best choice, we must quickly summarize the advantages that these kinds of housing solutions have:

  • Free and open spaces in favor of versatile environments. The lack of partition walls allows the owner over time to choose to make changes and possible internal structural “revolutions” to diversify the environment;
  • Large living area in favor of the multiplicity of activities to which in such an area you will be able to devote yourself, you will not have to isolate yourself in the kitchen to prepare dinner, such an environment will ensure the possibility of preparing everything between chatting, sipping a glass of wine with guests;
  • Maximum utilization of outdoor light. Milan is known to most for its fog and its characteristic dull days, little light in short that if in case you opt for a loft or open space, it will be able to brighten the house thanks to the presence of the large windows;
  • The possibility of creating an exclusive environment. Home is a nest, a place in which one feels oneself and has the opportunity to express oneself also and especially through the choice of furnishings. This kind of housing solution fully benefits customization and has a touch of originality and class. Turning to professional interior designers will make it easy to transform these rough rooms into elegant and luxurious abodes.

Practical tips for buying a loft in Milan

We have talked about the differences between lofts and open space and this has cleared up the doubts regarding the type of property to choose but practically what should be paid attention to?

When considering the purchase of a loft Milan center, certainly the first thing to take into consideration is that this has a convenient entrance, perhaps on a main street and facing the street, we must then make internal structural checks, the height of the rooms for example must be at least 4.90 meters so as to facilitate the possible creation of a loft. One has to be careful about the real intended use of the property in question, verifying it through cadastral view, it may happen that a loft still being presented as commercial premises, this can become a serious problem.

The advice is to turn to the best professionals in the field. Our ace in the hole is the House & Loft agents who for more than two decades have been passionately and dedicatedly taking care of luxury real estate deals in the largest cities, accompanying clients from the identification of the housing solution and professionally handling all stages related to the real estate purchase and sale.


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