Luxury homes made in Italy

The origins of Italian craftsmanship

In the Middle Ages there was the word “artist” but not the word craftsman. Despite this, however, that of the craftsman was a most important figure. This was because he was considered a person who excelled in his craft, in his art. We can say that the craftsman was considered a true artist, and his social relevance was very high.

After the year 1000, craft activities began to emerge in Italy as northern and central cities founded municipalities.

Artisans were united in associations so that they could protect their interests and participate in municipal political life. Since then, Italian craftsmanship has become a heritage of manual knowledge passed down from generation to generation. Italian tailors, goldsmiths, blacksmiths, restorers, carpenters, shoemakers, glassmakers, and luthiers are prized for their gifts of ingenuity and craftsmanship. A tradition of inestimable value. Craftsmanship is a trademark that every nation should never give up.

Prestigious product

For a product to be classified as “made in Italy,” it must have been designed, conceived and designed in Italy, even if it is industrially produced elsewhere.

“Made in Italy” expresses the excellence of Italian creativity and craftsmanship. Made in Italy is a certainty, which is why the world feels it can trust an all-Italian product.

The prestige is due to high quality materials, refined style, innovation, attention to detail and durability. The expression “made in Italy” thus signals the Italian origin of an industrial or artisanal product intended for both international and Italian markets.

Made in Italy elements most in demand in the world

Wide variety of quality products then, in sectors such as mechanics, fashion, food and construction.

In general, by “Made in Italy” products, we refer to those products belonging to the “four A’s” sectors: that is, Clothing-fashion, Furniture-home, Automation-mechanics and Food.

Made in Italy is most in demand in countries in the European Union and America, but lately also in Asia, as evidenced by China and Africa.

Made in Italy in real estate

In addition to the best-known food products exported and sold abroad under the Italian brand name and the most renowned brands in the fashion industry, furniture and real estate are also among the categories that make the Italian one, a well-known and world-renowned brand.

In the world of luxury, Italian craftsmanship is a guarantee of quality. It is increasingly common for Italian furniture, materials and artifacts to be mentioned among descriptive benefits, which are useful in attracting potential buyers.

Supporting this market in Italy is certainly the presence of magnificent historic centers and landscapes that our country can boast.

A luxury home, within the main centers of Italy, can reach very high costs. However, the cost issue is justified both by the location and, indeed, by the made-in-Italy production. In fact, Italian labor is in high demand by those who want to buy a luxury home.

For example, in countries such as Croatia, Ukraine and Russia, Italian provenance is a very strong added value.

Italian materials

The most famous and admired of Italian materials is marble, which always brings everyone together. Luxury properties are rich in the fine Italian marbles, whose different shades make this type of material unique. Some examples of what made in Italy means in a home include handmade mosaics with geometric patterns, elements we often find in luxurious villa bathrooms; or floor and wall tiles with custom designs; entrances decorated with a very distinctive checkerboard floor, rich in shades from black to cream; Italian ceramics and porcelain used to decorate super-luxurious rooms.

In conclusion, made in Italy has always been appreciated by everyone in various fields, including real estate. Houses and apartments are enhanced by the beauty of Italian productions.

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