Luxury real estate in Milan: the guide to buying and selling

Luxury real estate in Milan. Milan, is known throughout Europe as the capital of fashion, but beyond that it is a hub for business and finance. The city is known for initiatives such as fashion week and the Salone del Mobile around the world. Its appeal lies in the diversity of its neighborhoods and the presence in them of luxury properties that manage to satisfy all tastes.

Luxury real estate in Milan: which are the top neighborhoods to choose from?

Choosing a luxury home in Milan is indeed a daunting task, but with the right tips, it will be easier to identify the most suitable neighborhood for the purchase of your prestige property.

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The Fashion Quadrilateral and the streets of international boutiques

At the top certainly is the Fashion Quadrilateral, this is the most expensive and prestigious district in the city. this area is bounded by four streets: Via Alessandro Manzoni, Corso Venezia, Via della Spiga and Corso Montenapoleone.

The area is considered a shopping must for the presence of stores of top international brands, as well as famous cafes, cinemas, bookstores and historic buildings, among which Palazzo Gallarati Scotti and museum houses such as Bagatti Valsecchi deserve mention.

The neighborhood is characterized by very elegant narrow streets, where prestigious properties in Milan are concentrated.
We are talking about luxury houses inside stately mansions with amazing inner courtyards. Luxury homes for sale in the neighborhood, often have large square footage and are the result of ownerships passed down among members of noble families who end up selling them. At present, a wealthy clientele consisting of new generations, including international ones, are willing to recognize the value of these prestigious apartments, which allows the area’s real estate market to be continuously growing.
Investing in the purchase of a luxury home in this area is definitely an excellent investment.

Luxury real estate in Milan: investing in the historic center

When you want to make a major investment such as buying a prestigious property in Milan, you should definitely consider the historic center, thus Piazza del Duomo, Piazza Affari and neighboring streets. True beating heart of the city, with undisputed prestige full of pedestrian areas to ensure residents’ peace of mind. Having a penthouse or attic with a view of the Duomo is a privilege for few, and on the other hand it represents a right investment as the historic center is a guarantee of established value over time and for time.

Luxury real estate in Milan in Brera area

Highly sought-after area for those who intend to purchase a luxury property. This neighborhood in addition to being home to the Pinacoteca, the Academy of Fine Arts, and the Gallery of Modern Art is one of the most desirable areas in Milan in terms of the luxury real estate market. Rich in pedestrian areas and with behavioral norms to protect residents, here in addition to being in the center of the city, the quality of life is really good.

Arch of Peace / Castello Sforzesco

Central and luxurious areas, close to Sempione Park, green lung of the city attraction for families and walking, great for outdoor sports. Rich in prestigious historic buildings in stately period settings in which the houses have large square footage and extraordinary views. Luxury properties in the areas around the Arco della Pace and Castello Sforzesco enjoy specific characteristics due to their location and the architectural and urban history of the spaces in which they were built. The high demand compared to the lower supply of luxury properties in these areas significantly raises present property values.

Lodovica Gate

In the list of prestigious neighborhoods of the fashion capital, Porta Lodovica, undoubtedly deserves a mention. Taking a look at the map of the city, one can quickly frame the exclusive context of which we are talking, a nerve center of Milan. In fact, this neighborhood borders the Vigentino district and the Navigli. It boasts a dense network of connections to public transportation. This is home to the city’s most prestigious university, Bocconi, which is why the area is populated with all kinds of venues to suit all tastes and budgets. Quiet, people-friendly area where deciding to invest in buying a luxury home becomes a natural investment for the future.

Penthouses and penthouses in Garibaldi – Isola area

Just outside the more emblazoned central areas is the Garibaldi- Isola area. This area benefited from an urban redevelopment project for Expo 2015 and is currently part of the city’s luxury zones. The neighborhood is home to the New Unicredit Tower is the Diamond Tower as well as the famous Bosco Verticale, the residential skyscraper designed by architect Stefano Boeri. Should the choice to buy luxury real estate in Milan fall in this area, consider that it is a neighborhood perfectly connected to the rest of the city through the passage of all types of public transportation, full of trendy clubs of all kinds. In short, a good neighborhood in which to locate the housing solution best suited to one’s needs among lofts, penthouses and luxury apartments set in wonderful stately settings.

Prestigious properties in Porta Romana

By far one of the most beloved areas for the Milanese, who believe that living in this area is a great blessing. This central and serviced district of the city is strategically located, optimal for both work and leisure life. Pleasant neighborhood at all hours of the day and evening due to the many restaurants and clubs that populate its main streets. Although it is a very lively and lived-in area, there is no shortage of residential and secluded portions in which to live a stone’s throw from the hustle and bustle of the city. Luxury apartments for sale in this area are part of period properties with a stately style, buying a housing solution such as penthouses or lofts will easily guarantee views of iconic city monuments such as the Castello Sforzesco.

Luxury homes in Tortona area

Among the trendiest neighborhoods in the fashion city, this area. Not exempt over the years from urban redevelopment. Home of Fuorisalone, an event off the Salone del Mobile, full of artisan boutiques, fashion and design stores with the chicest Happy Hour spots. Many artists, designers and creative people reside here. The area is demarcated in the area between the Naviglio Grande and Via Solari and between Sant’Agostino and Porta Genova. In the heart of the neighborhood, the housing project, Living Tortona, will lead to the creation of twenty apartments surrounded by greenery and equipped with the highest standards of home automation with the use of materials with low environmental impact, for a luxurious and innovative but environmentally conscious home of the future.

Prestigious properties in Wagner area

In the area between the Wagner, De Angeli and Buonarroti subway stops is one of the city’s most aristocratic neighborhoods. This neighborhood teems with elegant buildings, well-maintained streets, and high-end boutiques. In the evening, the area turns into a gathering place for young people and adults of all ages. The neighborhood is well served by public transportation and is fortunate to be located at a junction of the red subway line, as a result it is well connected to the city’s nerve centers of interest. Prestigious properties for sale in this area are generally part of stately buildings with many times shared green areas.

Luxury villas at Maggiolina

The Maggiolina neighborhood, enjoys a strategic location that makes it not far from the city’s main points of interest but still sheltered from the vibrancy of the central areas. Maggiolina is one of Milan’s quietest neighborhoods, a family-friendly area, rich in amenities. The living environment is stately and the quality of life is definitely higher than in other areas of the city. Here there are large spaces dedicated to public greenery and there is a typical atmosphere of the “neighborhood” of yesteryear. The area is full of luxurious and interesting Art Nouveau villas, here buying a luxury home is a guarantee for a quiet close to the city.

Luxury real estate in Milan: the new growing neighborhoods to consider


Citylife, New district born in the area of the Milan Trade Fair, following the redevelopment of the former Portello area, is about the largest urban redevelopment project in Europe. The district is characterized by the presence of “three towers,” skyscrapers, designed by such internationally renowned architects as Arata Isozaki, Daniel Libeskind and Zaha Hadid. in a short time, in neighborhood has become one of Milan’s most iconic districts, it also has one of the largest pedestrian areas in Europe. Citylife is the city’s largest and most modern neighborhood. The residences in the new neighborhood are built according to energy-optimized and environmentally friendly criteria, and the project will be finally completed in 2025, but the luxury homes that have already been completed are highly coveted among international household names.

Cascina Merlata

Prestigious real estate in Milan is no longer exclusive to just the historic districts known to most. In fact, in the wake of the ongoing economic recovery and post-Expo 2015, the city has grown significantly not only economically but also in terms of real estate. Urban redevelopment is now featured in numerous projects that are shaping, and have shaped, new luxury areas of the city over time. As a result, exclusive housing solutions can be identified that not only qualify as luxury housing but also have environmentally sustainable features. An obvious example of such projects and the newly established Cascina Merlata neighborhood, this is located in the northwest part of the city in an area that was used for Expo in which a housing hub has been created that will be enhanced by schools, a science hub and the city’s largest shopping center, the “Merlata Mall.”

Milan, beyond fashion

The city of Milan, in addition to being the capital of fashion, is a point of reference for many students both Italian and foreign, it is in fact home to famous universities. Among the various ones worth mentioning are Bicocca, a neighborhood where the university of the same name is located, the Città Studi area located in the northeast of the city near the Politecnico and the Università Statale, Porta Genova a stone’s throw from the Navigli, and Bovisa. Areas bustling with young students, full of clubs of all kinds, perfect if you want to choose a youthful and always active neighborhood for your luxury home purchase.


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