Milan: the best liberty villas are here

Villa Milan? The Art Nouveau style gave Italian architecture some of the most beautiful villas in the world. This style arrived in Italy in the early twentieth century. The aesthetics of this type of housing involves all decorative elements.

What is the Art Nouveau style? A Villa in Milan that’s what it is…

Some call it Modernism, but it is definitely more evocative to call it Art Nouveau. Curious is the origin of the origin of the name, Liberty in fact was a famous furniture and textile store in London, later also born in Milan in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele.

Art Nouveau villas in Milan experienced their heyday in the early twentieth century. The Milanese bourgeoisie was attracted by this new architectural trend and commissioned famous architects such as Giuseppe Sommaruga and Giovan Battista Bossi to design a series of buildings in this very style.

Art Nouveau is a style that represents a choice that distances itself from neoclassicism.

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Admire art nouveau beauties in the heart of the city of Milan

Walking around the Porta Venezia area and the city’s historic center, one is drawn to the beauty of historic cottages that from time to time enrapture the attention of passersby with their special details. Refined and elegant decorations, gentle and sinuous lines. Flowers and plants, paintings and sculptures on building facades. These are characteristic elements of the Art Nouveau style. The Art Nouveau season was opened in Milan by Palazzo Castiglioni, designed by Giuseppe Sommaruga. The structure is made of concrete and echoes the floral motifs and wrought iron compositions typical of the art movement. This building is located on one of the most central streets of Milan’s affluent, Corso Venezia. Also in the vicinity of Porta Venezia, Giovan Battista Bossi built one of the most beautiful palaces of its time, Casa Galimberti. Decorated with ceramic tiles depicting human forms and plant elements, the entire building is enhanced by ornate balconies in the style.
The use of concrete is not distracting but enriches and embellishes the beauty of the structure that shows passersby its canopied balconies finished with beautiful wrought-iron railings. A short walk from Galimberti’s house is Casa Guazzoni, built by the artist himself, whose structure is enriched by the presence of typically sculptural decoration. In fact, the facade is decorated with putti, female figures and plant decorations

Villa Milan. Details of the liberty

The style varies from city to city, as is often the case with decorative or architectural styles, this makes the buildings gain additional value, unique and particularly rich in different details. Milan and Turin are the cities north of the boot that boast the presence of beautiful Art Nouveau structures.

Luxury real estate in Milan, the charm of details

The search for prestigious homes leads buyers toward the choice of Art Nouveau villas for sale in Milan, a guarantee of luxury and timeless charm.
These are housing solutions of important value that catch the eye already from the outside, in fact, one gets lost in the majesty of facades decorated with floral motifs that are certainly reminiscent of nature. We often see the presence of nife and wrought iron details that lend additional sophistication to these luxury homes.
Interior furnishings, tend to be detailed, with a careful focus on materials, fine woods and wrought iron, period furniture of important value and now unobtainable. This is complemented by large private gardens for your exclusive use in which to be able to enjoy the tranquility of nature even though you are in the city center.

Buying an Art Nouveau Villa in Milan is definitely a major investment, but the majesty and beauty of these housing solutions leads toward this choice buyers who seek the comfort of wide spaces, greenery and the convenience of living in the city center.

The real estate market is full of ads for houses for sale in Milan, deciding to choose to buy a Milan villa means projecting yourself into something definite, but what are the pros and cons of this type of housing?

What are the advantages of a detached villa for sale in Milan?


In the first place is privacy, in fact when you live in such a house, you can enjoy total privacy. When you choose a cottage you enjoy your own exclusive entrance and the fact that, for example, the lack of common rooms with other owners prevents noisy and harassing visitors from others.

Larger spaces:

Detached houses and especially Art Nouveau villas have private gardens, porches or courtyards as well as garages and large private interior rooms.

Exclusive ownership:

Living in a detached villa gives exclusive ownership of rooms, this means not sharing any room with anyone.

What are the disadvantages of living in an independent house?

Those who choose to direct their purchase toward villas for sale must consider the advantages of quiet living but not lose sight of the disadvantages.


Being the sole owner of the property in which you live exposes you to a lot of management and maintenance responsibilities that you cannot share with anyone else. This results in higher costs to be incurred.

Loneliness and isolation:

The independence of an individual, wholly owned housing structure is a personal choice of the buyer. However, it should be considered that this kind of housing leads to a quieter and more isolated life.
Everyone has housing preferences. all different and all legitimate. But it is important to be aware of the pros and cons of the choices.

Milan villas for sale, why choose a historic Art Nouveau mansion?

Choosing to live in a historic home offers unique advantages. One has the opportunity to enjoy the art of the past is a fascinating experience that can bring lovers of art, architecture and history closer together.

When you decide to steer your choice toward buying a historic home in a major city, however, you must be very careful to have real estate professionals handle the transaction.

House&Loft has been the protagonist since 2001

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What is good to know when considering buying historic homes for sale?

Italy is a country extremely rich in charm and history, which is precisely why it presents along the entire national territory an infinite heritage of cultural goods. If your dream has always been to live your daily life inside a prestigious property in Milan, it is good that you know what this entails in all respects. First of all, to look for a villa for sale in Milan you can browse through the ads on various websites, but beware of carelessness!!!

Buying real estate involves paying close attention to many details, and it happens to get lost in the bureaucracy easily if one does not have full knowledge of the subject.
Our advice is to contact the professionals at House&Loft who will be able to help you find the home for sale in Milan that meets your search.


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