Prestigious real estate in the capital: lofts, penthouses and villas. Luxury and history

Prestigious real estate in Rome? Who has never happened to stroll through the streets of the historic center of Rome and peek behind the ajar shutters of some window? Sometimes it is possible to glimpse magnificent frescoes or tapestries or even paintings that tell how much the house belonged to a noble family with centuries of history behind it. The good news is that to live inside history, to live inside one of these magnificent mansions you no longer need to have popes and princes among your ancestors. In fact, many of these houses are now for sale. And House&Loft is proud to represent some of the owners who wish to sell.

The areas of prestige properties in Rome

But what are the most popular upscale neighborhoods in the capital?
Let’s take a look together at the areas most in demand by those who intend to invest in fine housing.
The data in our possession speak for themselves: the main searches of clients are in the Centro Storico, the Aventine, and the Prati/San Pietro area. Neighborhoods accumulated by an unparalleled panorama with the artistic and monumental beauties leading the way.

Prestigious real estate: penthouses and penthouse suites in the historic center

In the historic center of Rome you can find several period palaces, some of which are rich in frescoes, statues and Italian gardens, as well as breathtaking panoramic views that can be fully enjoyed from splendid terraces and roof gardens. Many of these magnificent properties in the heart of Rome have been the setting for several film sets that have helped celebrate their beauty and exclusivity.

Within the historic center, topping the list of requests is the area between Piazza Navona, Campo dei Fiori and Governo Vecchio. The area including Via Del Corso, Largo Goldoni, Piazza di Spagna and Via di Ripetta followed suit.

This particular ranking could not miss an area particularly rich in luxury properties namely the quadrangle bounded by the Trevi Fountain, Via IV Novembre, Piazza Santi Apostoli. As it was easy to imagine, the area’s proximity to popular tourist sites has–on the one hand–made it one of the most sought-after areas, and on the other has pushed up its prices.

Luxury homes on the Aventine

Slightly uphill (or rather on the hill) and within walking distance of the Colosseum, Circus Maximus, and the Baths of Caracalla, the Aventine offers a wide selection of luxury properties for those who want more peace and quiet than the Centro Storico.

Prestigious properties in Rome Trastevere

Close to the center, requests are increasing in one of the neighborhoods that is already a symbol of Roman-ness and, recently, jumped to the top of the Capitoline nightlife charts. Trastevere is one of the most characteristic neighborhoods of the Eternal City is no longer just the location of typical trattorias and hostaria. The area abounds with apartments, penthouses, mansions, and villas of the highest quality, nestled in an area that is, in the collective imagination, the symbol of the Roman lifestyle.

Luxury apartments in Parioli

An evergreen in the demands of wealthy clientele undoubtedly remains the Parioli district. Considered one of the most elegant areas of Rome, Parioli-positioned between the banks of the Tiber and Villa Borghese-still remains the ideal neighborhood for those who want to buy a prestigious home in Rome and are looking for a property in a prestigious area.

Real estate investment in the Jewish ghetto

The Jewish ghetto is currently a major player in Rome’s real estate redevelopment. It is probably still a bit early to declare its status as one of the favorite areas for luxury-seeking clientele in Rome. However, a renewed interest in this area opens the door to attractive real estate opportunities for investment purposes.

Prestigious real estate in Rome: the Appia Antica

Located in the area south of the city, the Appia Antica neighborhood is quiet, rich in history and surrounded by beautiful hills. This area is rich in highly prestigious properties: those looking for a villa, an Art Nouveau villa or a ground-sheltered mansion will find in the area prestigious dwellings available for a discreet-loving clientele that desires more than anything else to enjoy finely landscaped outdoor spaces.

Luxury real estate in Rome: what are the numbers of the real estate market in Rome?, from its privileged observatory of one of Italy’s “busiest” real estate portals, published an interesting report in early 2021.

We publish a few excerpts.

Prestigious properties for sale in Rome are 50% represented by high-end apartments, 20% by villas, 7% by mansions, and 13% by penthouses. The remaining 10 percent of the supply is distributed among detached houses, lofts, cottages, and farmhouses.

Superattico in Rome? Searches increase by more than 50 percent

It is the penthouses that attract the interest of those looking for luxury real estate in Rome, with searches in this type increasing 51 percent year-on-year. A quarter of the penthouses above one million euros, are in fact published in this area and meet the need of those who are looking for a valuable dwelling that offers views of Piazza Venezia, Altare della Patria, Colosseum, Imperial Forums. Luxury houses for which people are willing to pay over 13 thousand euros per square meter.

High-value apartments in Rome’s historic center: +77% in searches

From the real estate portal’s analysis, searches in the capital’s historic center grew by +77 percent over 2019. The supply in this area is mainly characterized by luxury apartments: about 4 out of 10 luxury properties are in this area. These are often true jewels within historic buildings that retain the charm of medieval and Renaissance Rome and move a turnover of more than 550 million euros with an average price per square meter of 10 thousand euros.

Luxury villas for sale in Rome: +38% increase in searches

When one thinks of luxury, villas cannot fail to come to mind, registering an increase in searches of +38% year on year, and Rome is full of fascinating settings: villas characterized by beautiful gardens or even actual parks.

Luxury real estate market in Rome attracts foreign buyers

The Roman luxury market is attracting the attention of international investors and buyers: between 2019 and 2020, the market saw an increase in searches for properties with prices above 1 million by foreign buyers. European buyers increased +24%, compared with +40% of searches came from the U.S. and an incredible +80% from Asian buyers.

Looking for prestige properties for sale in Rome? Want to sell a luxury property in the capital city?

In both cases, House&Loft is the solution.
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